Bookings are now available for therapy sessions with Stefan Jovanović in London, United Kingdom.

He is currently offering a combination of Somatic Experiencing, Systemic Family Constellation, and Shamanic visualisation. He is also offering readings using the Tarothump Oracle sculptures.

Please get in touch directly should you be interested in working with him to discuss the most appropriate therapy route for you.


The Tarothump Oracle is a shamanic-tarot-therapy practice that sets into relation physical materials with the human body and perception via silver and bronze sculptural tarotology. Stefan draws from his architectural and choreographic training to use positioning, orientation, movement and touch to address the content of the issue-holder, and work through the possibilities of intention via direct constellation-work with the materials at hand. Sessions can last between 1 and 2 hours. Sessions are available either on an individual basis or in twos/couples. If you would like to book a reading please get in touch directly - here

The Tarothump Oracle readings operate on the basis of exchange, monetary or otherwise. A reading is a gift that sits in a cycle of energetic exchange. The issue-holder is asked to give something of choice in return to maintain interpersonal balance.

Stefan has worked with Basque shaman Manex Ibar since 2013, and is currently under-taking trauma-based therapy training in Somatic Experiencing ® and Family Systemic Constellations.