(in creation)

Radical Togetherness/Constellations is a full-length dance performance, that takes place in theatre spaces and de-consecrated churches, is durational, and directly engages audiences in participation. The topic of focus is contemporary representations of male and female archetypes in family systems in Western society. It is a physical and theatrical work that challenges conventional dance-forms, such as duets and solos as well as their gendered stereotypes, through a rich palette of rigorous movement investigation, song, drag, and symbolism. 

The dance research investigated thus far resulted in original movement and musical compositions, developed from found sto- ries about European archetypes of Fools, Witches and hybrids such as the ancient Greek prophet Tiresias, along with their historical relationship to power and gender.

Artistic Collaborators

Performers: Roni Katz, Catye Coe, Charlie Cattrall, Pau Aran Gimeno & Sara Ruddock
Composer: Domenico Angarano
Vocalist: Bliss Carmxn

Lighting by Patrick Morris/Universal Assembly Unit
Make-up by Hamilton Stansfield
Set by Jack Hardy

Special thanks to Siobhan Davies Dance, Sadler's Wells and Arts Council England for the funding and in-kind support.  

Upcoming Showings:

WILD CARD: 6 & 7 June 2019 at Sadler's Wells

Research & Development Showings to-date:

1 Aug 2018 at Asylum Chapel, London
11 Aug 2018 at Stone Nest, London
13 Oct 2018 at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios

Photographs by Alicia Clarke and Moad Musbahi