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  •     I am an artist with several developing streams of practice, including principally, a seven-year training in architecture. Through this spatial framework, I arrive to dance as an intersecting artistic form. I have built into this, through experience and professional activity, a deep interest in the body and the expanded choreographic fields. I regularly teach and explore these relations at the Architectural Association, in London. I now extend my research from the AA to the Sadler’s Wells Summer University, led by Jonathan Burrows and Eva Martinez, of which I have been a resident artist since 2014. In action, I choreograph designed spaces and curate bodies into those spaces.  My early work in spatial interventions began as a designer for Pret a Diner, curating extreme temporary dining experiences in large re-purposed buildings during Frieze London, Art Basel and the Berlinale.

        In my practice, I use codified narratives to create scores for my collaborators and other participants to interact with. These are currently the Tarot, the I-Ching, and varied forms of symbolism. I write narratives around archetypes in order to make explicit, the clichés embedded in Western society, to work with them, and then move into a more direct understanding of what relationship is via movement and theatre. I choose to articulate subjectivity through gestural scores, through archetypal role-play, and pure impulse. Tenderness is always a medium, both in actual touch and as a more distributed dissolving form. I work towards heightened subconscious aesthetics that involve drag, costume, and make-up. I begin with the presumption that there is a craftsman or craftswoman within each one of us. What I am interested in is a conversation between forms; specifically how dance can articulate spaces of otherness, and transform the familiar into the shonky, that is, into an aesthetics of awkwardness.



    Stefan Jovanović is an architectural designer (AA Dipl ARB/RIBA Part II) trained at the Architectural Association in London, dancer, theatre-maker and story teller operating with moving drawings and gestural scores for bodies and interactive motion-based systems. He is a recipient of the danceWEB 2016 scholarship, under mentorship of Tino Sehgal (Artist) & Louise Höjer (Artist), and is currently one of the resident dance-artists of the Sadler’s Wells Summer University in London (2014-2018), under direction of Jonathan Burrows (Choreographer) and Eva Martinez (Sadler’s Wells Artistic Programmer). Earlier this year he was featured in the year-long digital project, 52 Portraits, a Sadler’s Wells Theatre production commission by Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion (Musician) & Hugo Glendinning (Film-maker).

    2015 marked the beginning of his collaboration with Mark Lorimer (Dancer), creating two dance-works, Les Traces du Serpent for the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum in Albi; and Le Corps Écrivain for the Goya Museum in Castres, France. Throughout 2015 he also worked as an architectural designer for Dean Griffiths (ARB Architect) at Astronaut Kawada Architecture. The same year he would perform in Boris Charmatz’ Roman Photo in If Tate Modern were Musée de la Danse?

    In 2014 he was a resident dance-artist in the What Now? Festival organized by Independent Dance in collaboration with Siobhan Davies Dance. This would be the beginning of his future collaborations and endeavours within the expanded choreographic field, leading to the publication of a text entitled Out of Several Rooms, this One, commissioned by Chrysa Parkinson (Dancer-Academic) for the Dancer as Agent series, in collaboration with Frank Bock (Psycho-therapist) & Katye Coe (Dancer).

    In 2013 he collaborated with New York-based artist Peter Macapia, on a series of filmic scores for the city, mapping the relationship of geo-political tension and ruin cracks in the edifices of Manhattan.

    Between 2011 and 2012 he worked as the architectural designer of Pret a Diner, a series of temporary extreme social and dining experiences, in collaboration with neon-artist Olivia Steele and German food-caterers Kofler & Ko. The dining installations were featured in Art Basel 2012, Berlinale 2012, and London Frieze 2011.

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